Zhucheng Antai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Antai Insudtrial Park, Intersection of Industry Avenue and Xinghua East Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China.


  • Sterilization Solution

  • In order to help food enterprises to extend the shelf life of their products, ANTAI can customize cost-effective sterilization retort for customers. Our range of food sterilization equipment is made of stainless steel and manufactured following the GMP standard. They have the advantages of reasonable structure, good sealing performance and easy operation. Our batch retorts can help extend the shelf life of foods greatly without degrading their color, taste and smell.

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  • Cooking Solution

  • Do you worry that there are so many employees eating in the canteen of your company? Are you troubled by the long cooking time and low cooking efficiency? Are you annoyed with the cooking fumes?

    You do not have to worry any more. As a professional electric jacketed kettle and steam jacketed kettle manufacturer, ANTAI is able to offer jacketed kettle which will help solve the above problems. Our cooking kettle comes in the electricity-heated type and the steam-heated type. Thermal insulation or stirring function can also be added to the jacketed cooking pot if customers require.

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  • Food Raw Materials Washing Solution

  • For some large food production enterprises, the ingredients they use must be washed to remove the earth, residual pesticides and other dirt to improve the safety of foods for eating.

    As a trustworthy food processing machinery manufacturer, ANTAI is able to customize food washing machines of different dimensions according to the production scale of customers. Our fruit and vegetable washing machines varying in type and size can meet the needs of different customers.

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