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Sterilization Equipment for Meat Products

Sterilization retort produced by our company which is a trusted sterilization equipment manufacturer can achieve faster and better sterilization of meat products.

Meat products refer to the products made from meat adding some seasoning. To make sure they are fresh and safe to eat, the meat products need to be sterilized under high temperature. A set of sterilization equipment which is able to achieve accurate control over the sterilization temperature is ideal for shortening the sterilization time of meat products without influencing its taste.

Applicable Equipment: Double-Deck Water Immersion Retort
The products to be sterilized will be placed in the sterilization retort still and totally immersed in water. The buoyancy of water helps compensate the weight of the stacked products. Therefore, deformation of the product packaging will be reduced. Since the sterilization retort is rotary, it may also reduce wear and deformation caused by the impact produced by the rotation of the products during sterilization.