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Antai Insudtrial Park, Intersection of Industry Avenue and Xinghua East Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China.


In order to help food enterprises to extend the shelf life of their products, ANTAI can customize cost-effective sterilization retort for customers. Our range of food sterilization equipment is made of stainless steel and manufactured following the GMP standard. They have the advantages of reasonable structure, good sealing performance and easy operation. Our batch retorts can help extend the shelf life of foods greatly without degrading their color, taste and smell.

For Whom?
Our sterilization solution is provided for the following types of enterprises:
1. Vacuum-packaged food producers such as enterprises producing foods vacuum-packed in plastic, glass and iron boxes.
2. Fruit juice factories
3. Pharmaceutical factories
4. Chemical plants

Why Us?
1. We have 15 years' experience in sterilization equipment manufacturing and can offer customers high-quality sterilization retorts.
2. Our company is a state-designated pressure vessel manufacturer and has got the Manufacture License of Pressure Vessel of People's Republic of China. The license number is TS2237351-2013.
Our sterilization equipment adopts the traditional electric heating technology which is mature and stable.
4. We have a wide range of sterilization retorts for you to select. Customization service is also available in our company.

Available Types of Sterilization Equipment
Sterilization Retort Laboratory Sterilization Retort Electric Steam Sterilizer Electric Sterilization Retort Semi-Automatic Water Spray Retort Automatic Water Spray Retort Water Immersion Retort Laboratory Water Spray Retort Double Chamber Sterilizer