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Do you worry that there are so many employees eating in the canteen of your company? Are you troubled by the long cooking time and low cooking efficiency? Are you annoyed with the cooking fumes?

You do not have to worry any more. As a professional electric jacketed kettle and steam jacketed kettle manufacturer, ANTAI is able to offer jacketed kettle which will help solve the above problems. Our cooking kettle comes in the electricity-heated type and the steam-heated type. Thermal insulation or stirring function can also be added to the jacketed cooking pot if customers require.

ANTAI jacketed kettle is made of stainless steel conforming to the related hygiene requirements and the whole kettle body is processed by one-time stamping. Our jacketed kettle with excellent sealing performance and thermal conductivity is suitable for cooking any food in a high efficiency. It is applicable for large enterprise, hotel, military base, school, etc. Some food factory or pharmaceutical factory may also take our jacketed kettle as a piece of agitation equipment for material stirring.

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