Zhucheng Antai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Antai Insudtrial Park, Intersection of Industry Avenue and Xinghua East Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China.


Adhering to the “Quality First, Customer Satisfied” tenet, we promise that the safety, reliability and applicability of all our sterilization equipment, cooking kettle and food processing machinery are up to or exceed the related international requirements.

Our company now has totally 220 employees and the number of employees with medium or senior title is 38. The production department which is mainly in charge of the production work and production management is independent from other departments.

The electric discharge CNC wire cutting machine, laser cutting machine and plate shearing machine are used to process the raw materials to ensure the production efficiency and the basic dimension accuracy of our food sterilization equipment, electric or steam jacketed kettle, and others.

The grinding machine, CNC lathe and CNC punching machine are used for material processing to guarantee the precise size of our pressure vessel.

Inspection and Testing
As a professional sterilization retort and cooking kettle manufacturer, our company has first-class inspection and testing equipment such as 420kVA X-ray detection apparatus and other types of portable X-ray defect detectors to conduct all kinds of inspections and tests to our food processing machines so as to makes sure our products are of high quality.