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I. Service Mode
1. Customization Service Based on Our Existing Products
As a professional sterilization equipment and jacketed kettle manufacturer, ANTAI is able to provide customization service based on our existing products.

Customers preferring this service mode need to offer us the design requirements on packaging material, size and the heating way (steam, liquefied gas, natural gas, electricity) of the sterilization retorts or jacketed kettles you want. For the product logo, you can design it by yourself and offer the design scheme to us for sample making. We can also help you design the logo, but you need to provide the design elements (including logo file and other information that will be presented on the product packaging).

2. Customization Service through Making Some Modifications to Our Existing Products
We can offer customization service by making some modifications to our existing products according to customers' requirements. The modification service covers the packaging, structure, appearance and other aspects of the food processing machinery.

Customers selecting this service mode should let us know your requirements on the structure, control system, technical parameters and the packaging way of the food processing equipment. Logo files and machine drawings are also needed to be offered.

3. Customization Service for Customers Offering Design Ideas
If you offer us your design ideas and detailed design requirements about the food machinery, our company will make your design idea into concrete sample product for you to confirm after conducting the technical feasibility assessment. If you are satisfied with the sample product, we can arrange batch production for you.

To complete the cooperation successfully, you need to provide with us your accurate detailed product design ideas and your requirements on the control system of the machines. Regular or irregular process confirmation can be done during the product design stages.

4. Customer can purchase our existing products and sell them independently.
Customers who want to purchase our sterilization equipment, steam jacketed kettle or other types of food machinery can simply place orders to our company directly with no need to offer us any materials. If we have spot stocks for the products you ordered, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible. If the products you ordered are out of stock, we will manufacture and deliver the goods to you within the appointed delivery time.

II. Cooperation Requirements
1. Order Quantity
Minimal order quantity of ANTAI food machinery is 1 set.

2. Way of Payment
If you order our pressure vessel or food processing machinery, you needs to pay 30% advance and the balance should be paid before delivery.

3. Technical Support
Our company provides 24-hour remote technical supports for customers through telephone, E-mail, online platform, etc.