Zhucheng Antai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Antai Insudtrial Park, Intersection of Industry Avenue and Xinghua East Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China.


1. Partner Display
Since we improved our production technology and product quality in 2008, ANTAI has been recognized by many well-known food processing enterprises in China, such as “Delisi Group” which is the largest low-temperature meat product processing enterprise in the north of China, “Shandong Huifa Food Co., Ltd.”, “Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd.”, “Weifang Foreign Trade Corporation Co., Ltd.”, etc. These enterprises are loyalty customers of our food sterilization equipment, jacketed kettle and pasteurization equipment.

Our company is located in Shandong province, which is the major vegetable export base in China. Our food washing machine, vegetable cutting machine and air drying equipment are favored by lots of vegetable processing enterprises and those customers have kept good cooperative relationships with us for over ten years. As the enhancement of our technical strength, our products are sold to more and more places in China and are exported to over 20 countries in the world.

Set up in 1986, Shandong Delisi Food Co., Ltd. is a large food enterprise specialized in pig slaughtering and the processing of chilled meat, low-temperature meat products and prepared foods. After over 20 years of development, Delisi Group has are widely accepted by customers and its products sell well both at home and abroad. The foods produced by Delisi Group are used for the state banquet of China in the Great Hall of the People and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Delisi products are also exported to Russia, Singapore and other countries. Now Delisi Group has 26 branch companies and about 5000 employees in total.

2. Customer Visiting
ANTAI is a professional food sterilization equipment, cooking kettle, and other food processing equipment designer and supplier in China. Since our company was founded 15 years ago, we have dealt with many orders from foreign customers and the products we offered were well accepted by the local customers. Many overseas customers came to visit our company personally to have further communication with us about the cooperation.

Customer visiting