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  • Drinks (Milk Beverages)

  • Drinks (milk beverages) are liquids prepared and produced using water (milk) as raw material through different kinds of formulas and processing technologies. In order to ensure the safety and quality of drinks, a piece of powerful high-pressure sterilization equipment is essential. Since drinks (milk beverages) are products of short shelf life, high temperature sterilization is extremely important to them.

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  • Meat Products

  • Sterilization retort produced by our company which is a trusted sterilization equipment manufacturer can achieve faster and better sterilization of meat products.

    Meat products refer to the products made from meat adding some seasoning. To make sure they are fresh and safe to eat, the meat products need to be sterilized under high temperature. A set of sterilization equipment which is able to achieve accurate control over the sterilization temperature is ideal for shortening the sterilization time of meat products without influencing its taste.

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  • Infant Foods

  • Safety is the most important for infant foods. Nowadays, there are a rich variety of infant foods on the markets. Sterilization is the most essential and important procedure to produce safe infant foods. A powerful sterilization retort is an ideal choice for infant food producers. Our company is a reliable sterilization equipment manufacturer which can provide you with high-quality sterilization retort.

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  • Aquatic Products

  • The sterilization retort produced by our company has faster and better sterilization effects than other common sterilization equipment.

    Sterilization is an effective way of aquatic product preservation. Aquatic products are usually fragile, so it is important to control the temperature within a proper range during sterilization. As a trustworthy supplier of sterilization equipment, our company can offer you various kinds of sterilization retorts.

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  • Health Products

  • Sterilization makes health products healthier.

    Health products are foods which can help adjust the function of human body. They are produced to have specific effects targeting a particular group of people. Common foods do not have specific effects and are not developed for only a particular group of people.

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  • Agricultural Products

  • Sterilization helps keep agricultural products fresh.

    Agricultural products refer to the plants, animals, microorganisms as well as products made from the above living things acquired in agricultural activities.

    Agricultural products usually have long shelf life. In order to keep the products fresh, the high temperature sterilization time for agricultural products should be short. Some of the agricultural products are stored in cans. Therefore, a powerful high-temperature sterilization retort will be necessary. Our company which is a professional sterilization equipment supplier is able to offer you all kinds of sterilization retorts for agricultural products.

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  • Pet Foods

  • Sterilization makes foods healthier for pets.

    Pet foods are specially produced for pets. They are high-grade animal foods which are the in-between of human foods and fodder for livestock and poultry. The pet foods supply the essential nutrients for the pets to live and keep healthy. These foods have the advantages of rich nutrients, easy digesting, scientific formula and easy feeding.

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