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Crate Washing Machine

Dust and other dirt may accumulate in the inside and bottom of the crate after it has been used for some time. In order to make sure the products contained in the crate will not be contaminated, the crate needs to be washed regularly. The crate washing machine offered by our company which is a professional food processing machinery manufacturer can replace human to clean the crate so as to help increase washing efficiency. The washing machine can also be used to wash and clean baskets and boxes.

Features of the Crate Washing Machine
1. This crate washing equipment is clean and hygienic since its main body is made of 304 stainless steel.

2. The spray nozzle of our crate washing machine is made of food-grade high temperature resistant plastic or stainless steel material. The spraying angle of the spray nozzle is adjustable. The spray nozzles installed in the different positions of the crate cleaner are in different models to guarantee the good cleaning effects.

3. The water pumps used in our crate washing line are dedicated hot water pumps.

4. The motor velocity of the basket washing machine is mechanical infinitely adjustable or variable frequency adjustable to accommodate the cleaning of crates with different cleanness.

5. The guide rail of guardrail along both sides of our crate washing machine can be adjusted horizontally for cleaning boxes of different sizes and the sprinkling water pipe at the top of the machine is adjustable vertically for washing boxes of different heights.

6. The sodium carbonate water or water in the hot water tank can be heated by steam or electricity. The water temperature is automatically controlled.

Working Principle of the Crate Washing Machine
The crate to be washed will be fed into the crate washing machine by stainless steel chains. Then the machine will clean the crate through multiple processing procedures including hot sodium carbonate water washing, high-pressure hot water washing, normal temperature tap water washing, disinfectant fluid washing and normal temperature water removal by air knife. In addition, the crate will be sterilized and dried.

When cleaning special crates, brushes may be used to brush the bottom and the two sides of the crates after the hot sodium carbonate water washing stage to improve cleaning effects. Thanks to the continuous washing mode, the cleaning efficiency of our crate washing machine is increased.

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