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Vegetable Cutting Machine

Our vegetable cutting machine is a multi-functional vegetable cutter which is developed by simulating manual vegetable cutting method and employing the advanced stepless speed regulation system as well as centrifugal slicing mechanism.

Our vegetable slicer is applicable for the processing of all kinds of tuber and leafy vegetables as well as kelp. It is also a piece of essential equipment for pickle industry.

1. Our vegetable cutting machine is able to cut melons and potatoes into slices, shreds, dices, curve shape and rhombic shape through changing different cutting tools.
2. This food cutting equipment can cut the long and thin vegetables (such as fragrant-flowered garlic and green bean) into segments and cut leafy vegetables into shreds.
3. The cutting thickness and length are adjustable.
4. This food cutter is equipped with four casters at the bottom to facilitate machine movement.

Our company is a trusted food machinery manufacturer in China. If you want to know more about this vegetable cutting machine and our company, please contact us directly.

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