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(Fruit and Vegetable Washer)

High Pressure Washing Machine
(Fruit and Vegetable Washer)

The high pressure washing machine we offer is a piece of nonstandard custom food washing equipment whose size and function can be customized according to customer’s production volume.

Working Principle
This high pressure washing machine cleans the fruits and vegetables by immersing them into high-pressure bubbles and removes the sediments such as sand through the sieve plate. Then, the fruits and vegetables after being cleaned by spray water will be lifted and conveyed to the corresponding mechanism for the next processing procedure.

Features of the High Pressure Washing Machine
1. The whole fruit and vegetable washer is made of SUS304/2B stainless steel, except for the standard components such as electric motor and bearing. Thus, this machine is completely in conformity with the hygiene requirements for food exportation.

2. Inside our high pressure washing machine, there is a bubble generating device which makes the foods turn over so as to remove the residual pesticides on the food surface. Meanwhile, you can add a proper amount of medical preparations for sterilization and color fixation.

3. The floating matters will flow out from the overflow launder and the sediments will be discharged from the dirt discharging outlet.

4. Our high-pressure food bubble washer has the advantages of high cleaning capacity, high working stability, energy saving and water saving.

Our high pressure washing machine is ideal for the cleaning, soaking and sterilization of granular, leafy and tuber vegetables, fruits and aquatic products.

The medium water can be reused after being filtrated to help save water. Therefore, this high pressure washing machine is a piece of high-efficiency energy-saving food washing equipment worth buying.

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