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Air Drying Equipment

1. Our air drying equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and uses variable velocity variable frequency technology to control the drying time.

2. This air drying system will turn the pouch over several times at the same time blow strong pressurized cool air above the pouch to remove the water drops on the pouch surface.

3. Our air drying equipment greatly reduces the time spent on the preparation work before product labeling and casing. This air drying machine is applicable for assembly line production and can help improve the production automation degree of our customers.

4. The drying air of our industrial drying equipment is in normal temperature, thus the color and quality of the material packaged in pouch will be preserved to the largest degree possible.

5. Our air drying equipment has remarkable drying effects. It can remove not only the water on the soft packaging surface but also the water remained in the wrinkles of the packaging.

6. This energy-saving drying line has power of 0.75kW and air velocity of 900m3/h. (The machine size can be customized according to customer’s requirements.)

Application Field
This air drying equipment produced by our company, a reliable food processing machinery manufacturer, is quite suitable for the drying of sterilized meat, vegetables and other products packaged in pouches.

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