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Pasteurization Equipment

The pasteurization equipment adopts low-temperature sterilization or cold sterilization methods to kill germs while keeping the nutrients and the taste of foods, as it is able to process foods under low temperature. Our pasteurization equipment is made up of two pieces of major functional equipment, namely the sterilization machine and the cooling machine. Users can adjust the machines according to the practical production needs.

Features of the Pasteurization Line
1. The pasteurization equipment is made of top quality SUS304 stainless steel and its sterilization temperature is allowed to be set based on the processing requirements.
2. This food sterilizer works stably and noiselessly.
3. The high-strength stainless steel rollers are of low ductility, therefore they are anti-deformation and easy to maintain.
4. This highly automated food pasteurization equipment increases the uniformity of sterilization effects.

Application Scope
As a trustworthy food sterilization equipment manufacturer, we can produce pasteurization equipment which is suitable for the pasteurization of foods packaged in glass bottles, tin cans and turnover boxes. Our pasteurization machine can be connected to the drying line to facilitate food encasement.

Technical Parameters of the Pasteurization Equipment

Pasteurization time 4-40min (Adjustable)
Pasteurization temperature 65℃-98℃ (Adjustable)
Steam pressure 1-4kg
Processing capability Designed based on customer's requirement
Cooling way Normal temperature water
Mesh belt width 500-2000mm (Customizable)
Steam consumption 0.5-1.0m3/h
Power Varying with model
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Minimum output 0.55t/h (Calculated by the sterilization time of 5-10min)
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