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Jacketed Kettle

    1. Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleOur jacketed cooking kettle features large heating area, high thermal efficiency and high corrosion resistance.
      With an advanced PLC system mounted at the top of one side of the pot, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is easy to operate.
    1. Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
      (Electric Tilting Mixer Kettle)
      Our stainless steel jacketed kettle has an elegant appearance and is configured with complete accessories. As a piece of food processing equipment which is easy and safe to install and operate, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is suitable for users do not have a boiler.
    1. Steam Jacketed KettleOur steam tilting pot is quite suitable for stewing soup, boiling water or cooking rice in hotels and canteens. It is clean, convenient and is able to prevent the foods from burning.
    1. Steam Jacketed Kettle
      (Stainless Steel Mixing Kettle)
      As its name indicates, the steam jacketed kettle makes use of steam as heat source and it has large heating area, high thermal efficiency and short heating time. This tilting cooking kettle can achieve even heating effect and its heating temperature is easy to control.
    1. Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
      (Thermal Insulated Cooking Kettle)
      This canteen kettle is designed in a higher height than traditional jacketed kettles to hold more foods.
      Equipped with a heat retention device, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is able to keep the cooked foods warm for longer time, thus it brings more convenience to people.

Conforming to GMP standards, the jacketed kettle is cost-effective food processing equipment. It is available in the lift type, tilting type, and vertical type. These jacketed kettles are widely used in various food processing plants or large canteens and restaurants.

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