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(Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank)

Steam Jacketed Kettle
(Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank)

Features of the Steam Jacketed Kettle
1. This steam jacketed kettle comes with thermal insulation performance. It adopts pressurized steam as heat source and has large heating area, high thermal efficiency and even heating effect.

2. It takes a very short period of time for this steam kettle to boil water or other materials.

3. The working temperature of our steam jacketed kettle is easy to control.

4. With a body fully made of stainless steel, our steam jacketed pot conforms to the related hygiene requirements.

5. This stainess steel jacketed tank has an elegant appearance and is configured with complete accessories.

6. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle is not only easy to install and operate, but also safe to use.

Our company is a trusted cooking kettle manufacturer in China. The vertical steam jacketed kettle we provide is a piece of ideal kitchen equipment for stewing soup, boiling water or cooking rice in hotels and canteens. Our product can help increase your food quality, shorten your food processing time and improve your working condition.

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