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(Vertical Jacketed Kettle with Cover)

Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
(Vertical Jacketed Kettle with Cover)

Applications of the Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
Our stainless steel jacketed kettle in vertical structure design is available in a lid, which makes it quite appropriate for cooking soup, vegetables, meat and porridge in large restaurants or canteens. It is a piece of good cooking equipment for enhancing food processing quality, shortening food processing time and improving working condition of food enterprises.

Features of the Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
1. Compared with other types of jacketed pots, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is equipped with two lids. Covering the lids greatly helps increase the food cooking efficiency. The user can select to use one or both the lids when cooking according to practical needs.

2. Full stainless steel structure improves the heating efficiency and corrosion resistance of this vertical jacketed kettle.

3. The supporting legs under the pot guarantees the whole jacketed cooking pot keeps steady when working.

4. This stainless steel jacketed kettle comes in electricity-heated type or steam-heated type. You can choose either the steam kettle or the electric kettle based on your own needs.

5. As a professional manufacturer of food processing equipment, we can add stirring or heat retention function to the vertical jacketed cooking kettle if you require.

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