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(Stainless Steel Mixing Kettle)

Steam Jacketed Kettle
(Stainless Steel Mixing Kettle)

1. Having a housing fully made of stainless steel, our steam jacketed kettle is up to the related hygiene requirements.

2. As its name indicates, the steam jacketed kettle makes use of steam as heat source and it has large heating area, high thermal efficiency and short heating time. This tilting cooking kettle can achieve even heating effect and its heating temperature is easy to control.

3. The stainless steel mixing kettle has an agitator which scraps the bottom and side of the kettle, so as to achieve even agitation effect and prevent the foods from sticking to the kettle surface.

4. Our steam jacketed kettle has a nice appearance and is equipped with complete accessories.

5. This safe and reliable steam kettle is easy to install and operate.

As a professional stainless steel jacketed kettle manufacturer, our company can provide customers with different types of tilt kettles supporting different kinds of heat sources. Stirring or heat retention function is optional to be configured to our jacketed pots. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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