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Steam Jacketed Kettle

Features of the Steam Jacketed Kettle
1. Both the inner and outer housing of our steam jacketed kettle are made of stainless steel and conform to the related hygiene requirements.

2. Using pressurized steam as heat source, this stainless steel tilting kettle comes with the advantages of large heating area, even heating effect, high thermal efficiency, easy temperature control and short boiling time.

3. Our steam jacketed kettle is designed with an elegant appearance and configured with complete accessories. It is not only easy to install and operate, but also of high safety.

Application of the Steam Jacketed Kettle
Our steam tilting pot is quite suitable for stewing soup, boiling water or cooking rice in hotels and canteens. It is clean, convenient and is able to prevent the foods from burning. This steam jacketed kettle is a piece of ideal cooking equipment which contributes to enhancing food processing quality, shortening food processing time and improving working condition of food factories.

Our company is a reliable steam kettle manufacturer. In our company, you can find jacketed cooking kettles in various dimensions and heating sources. Tilting steam jacketed kettle with stirring or heat retention function is also available for your selection. Please contact us directly and tell us your requirements if you are interested in our products.

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