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(Mixing Kettle with Thermal Insulation)

Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
(Mixing Kettle with Thermal Insulation)

Since made of superior quality stainless steel, the electric jacketed kettle is not easy to become rusty in use. It comes with mixing function and thermal insulation performance. The tilting structure makes the mixing kettle convenient for the user to feed or discharge the materials so that the labor strength of workers will be reduced. Compared with traditional electrical jacketed pot, this stainless steel jacketed kettle comes with stirring and heat retention functions, thus it brings more convenience to customers.

1. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle adopts stainless steel end cap produced by one-time stamping forming technology to make sure the kettle inside is smooth.

2. This stainless steel tilting kettle can be heated by stream, liquefied gas or natural gas. It features large heating area and high thermal efficiency. Whether you are looking for steam jacketed kettle or gas kettle, this range of cooking kettle can satisfy your demands.

3. The user has the right to start the stirring function or not according to actual needs.

4. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle is designed in a compact structure and is easy to maintain. It is of high working efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life.

5. In this tilting cooking pot, all the parts contacting the foods are made of premium stainless steel. Therefore, this cooking kettle is completely in conformity with the food hygiene requirements.

Our company is a trustworthy food processing machinery manufacturer. The stainless steel jacketed kettle we produce is widely used in the candy, cake, dairy, can and juice processing industries. In addition, this tilting cooking pot is also applicable for the brewing, pharmaceutical and household chemical industries.

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