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(Electric Tilting Mixer Kettle)

Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
(Electric Tilting Mixer Kettle)

1. This electric tilting mixer kettle is a stainless steel jacketed kettle which is capable of tilting to facilitate content feeding and discharging.

2. With the inner housing and outer hosing both made of stainless steel, our cooking kettle is in conformity to the related hygiene requirements.

3. Our electric jacketed kettle achieves material heating by making use of electricity to heat the heat transfer oil. Therefore, this jacketed cooking pot has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, even heat distribution, short heating time and easy temperature control.

4. The agitator scrapes the bottom and the side of the stainless steel jacketed kettle while it is stirring. This agitation mode makes for uniform agitation effect and prevents the materials from sticking to the pot.

5. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle has an elegant appearance and is configured with complete accessories. As a piece of food processing equipment which is easy and safe to install and operate, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is suitable for users do not have a boiler.

1. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle can be applied in food factory for processing lotus paste cake, sweetened bean paste, jam, pickles, etc.

2. This electric kettle is also suitable for braising and stir-frying foods or for boiling syrup.

3. The mixer kettle is also a piece of good agitation equipment for pharmaceutical factory or chemical plant.

Our company is a professional jacketed kettle manufacturer in China. We can offer customers electric kettles and steam kettles coming in different sizes, supporting different heat sources and designed with additional functions according to their practical needs. If you are interested in our tilting kettle or other products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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