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Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle

1. The lift type jacketed kettle we offer is fully made of stainless steel and manufactured by advanced welding, grinding and other processing technologies.

2. Our jacketed cooking kettle features large heating area, high thermal efficiency and high corrosion resistance.

3. With an advanced PLC system mounted at the top of one side of the pot, this stainless steel jacketed kettle is easy to operate.

4. Compared with traditional pan, our stainless steel lift type jacketed pot is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. It is often used as food processing equipment in food processing factories, and is also found in large sized canteens. With high efficiency, our stainless steel jacketed kettles can help food factory and other enterprises or public institutions to save labor cost and increase production efficiency.

1. Our stainless steel jacketed kettle is widely used in the processing of candy, pharmaceutical, dairy product, wine, cake, preserved fruit, drink, tin, pot-stewed meat and so on.

2. Our steam jacketed kettle is also appropriate for being used in large restaurants or canteens to cook soup, vegetables, meat or porridge. It is a piece of excellent cooking equipment which helps increase food processing quality, shorten food processing time and improve working condition.

As a reliable jacketed kettle manufacturer, our company can provide you with customized cooking kettles of various sizes and heating ways. We can also offer stainless steel jacketed kettle with or without stirring function or heat retention function based on your requirements. If you are interested in our products, please contact us directly to let us know your requirements.

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