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Sterilization Retort

    1. Sterilization Equipment
      (Laboratory Sterilization Retort)

      If you need food sterilization equipment or medical sterilization equipment for use in laboratories, please don't hesitate to contact us. This sterilizing equipment is suitable for sterilizing all kinds of materials packaged in three-piece can, pop-top can, plastic box, plastic bag, glass bottle, etc.

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    1. Sterilization Equipment
      (Semi-Automatic Water Spray Retort)

      This sterilizing equipment has the function to save sterilization processing technology, the operator just need to press the start button to make the retort machine begin to work. When the sterilization process is finished, the water spray retort will give an alarm automatically.

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    1. Sterilization Equipment
      (Automatic Water Spray Retort)
      This water spray retort sterilizer is able to adjust sterilization temperature and calculate sterilization time automatically according to the processing requirements of different foods to guarantee stable sterilization effects.
    1. Sterilization Equipment
      (Double Chamber Sterilizer)
      When one of the two water immersion sterilizers finishes processing the foods, it will fill the heated processing water into the other one directly so as to reduce processing water consumption and heat loss.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of sterilizing equipment in China. The sterilization retort we offer is a sealed and pressurized heater which is used to heat foods sealed in containers. Thanks to the pressurization, the heat transfer temperature of our batch retort is much higher than that of boiling water. Our sterilization retorts make use of pure stream, hot water (water immersion or water spray) or mixture of stream and air as medium to transfer heat to the materials to be sterilized.

If the products you want to sterilize strictly require even heat distribution, you can select our full-automatic retort. If your products adopt gas packaging or have strict requirements on appearance, we recommend you the full-automatic or semi-automatic retort. If you want to sterilize products contained in glass bottle or tin can, you had better not select the double-deck sterilization retort. Our double-deck sterilization retort is more suitable for food processing enterprise with daily output over 10t.