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(Double Chamber Sterilizer)

Sterilization Equipment
(Double Chamber Sterilizer)

The sterilization equipment we produce is a kind of double chamber sterilizer, and is equipped with a PLC system to achieve accurate temperature and pressure control automatically. The two sets of water immersion retorts share one batch of sterilization water to work alternately. When one of the two water immersion sterilizers finishes processing the foods, it will fill the heated processing water into the other one directly so as to reduce processing water consumption and heat loss.

Our sterilization equipment is appropriate for sterilizing materials packaged in tin can, aluminum can, aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, high temperature retort pouch, etc.

As a trustworthy manufacturer of sterilization equipment in China, our company can produce custom sterilization retorts based on your practical needs or retrofit your old equipment. What we pursue is to help you gain maximized benefits at a minimal cost.

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