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(Laboratory Water Spray Retort)

Sterilization Equipment
(Laboratory Water Spray Retort)

Our company is a professional manufacturer of sterilization equipment. Based on the modification to traditional electrically heated laboratory retort, we developed this laboratory water spray retort. This sterilizer machine has the following features:
1. The spray pipes mounted on the top of this sterilization equipment spray water uniformly on the materials to be sterilized so as to guarantee even heating.

2. Thanks to the high-flow hot water pump, it takes only 5s for the sterilization water to complete one circulation cycle. This makes sure the heat transfers quickly and the temperature inside the batch retort is in even.

3. This sterilization equipment is of high control accuracy. The process of heating, heat retention and cooling are all controlled by a PLC system. The PLC system allows the temperature inside the sterilization pot to be accurately controlled in accordance with the preset temperature curve.

4. We adopt multi-stage heating and cooling technology to this sterilizing machine to reduce the temperature difference between the surface and center of the foods in sterilization. The sterilization temperature stage number is up to 16 at most.

5. All the sterilization parameters can be easily input into the PLC system through the touch screen and the PLC system can save 100 groups of sterilization parameters in advance. When you use this sterilization equipment to sterilize different sort of materials, you just need to call the corresponding sterilization parameters.

6. This automatic laboratory retort allows the user to select different kinds of sterilization modes to conduct sterilization experiments on different materials with different packages. The experimental data can help the user find the most suitable sterilization process to each material. Therefore, our sterilization machine is an ideal lab equipment for developing new sterilization process for new products.

As a piece of intermittent rotary high temperature sterilization equipment, our water spray retort is mainly used for the sterilization of foods, drinks, medical preparations and other materials packaged in three-piece can, pop-top can, plastic box, plastic bag, glass bottle, etc.

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