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(Semi-Automatic Water Spray Retort)

Sterilization Equipment
(Semi-Automatic Water Spray Retort)

As a professional sterilizing equipment manufacturer, we adopt a steam circulating system for the sake of energy saving, water saving and time saving when we designed this semi-automatic water spray retort. This sterilizing equipment is able to achieve excellent sterilization effects. Fully made of stainless steel, it is in conformity with the related hygiene requirements.

Features of the Sterilizing Equipment
1. Our semi-automatic water spray retort is equipped with PLC and touch screen to control the whole sterilization process.

2. This sterilization equipment adopts HTST sterilization method and its temperature accuracy is up to ±0.5°C.

3. This sterilizing equipment has the function to save sterilization processing technology, the operator just need to press the start button to make the retort machine begin to work. When the sterilization process is finished, the water spray retort will give an alarm automatically.

4. With this steam sterilizer which is capable of achieving digitization and mechanization of sterilization, you can almost complete the sterilization process by simply moving your finger, except for material loading and door opening.

5. Our sterilizing equipment employs the direct heating and indirect cooling working principles. The cooling water and process water do not contact thereby avoiding secondary contamination to the foods. Moreover, the process water does not need to be treated with chemical agents.

6. The steam and atomized sterilization water will achieve heat mixture inside the sterilizing equipment to accelerate temperature rising and falling.

7. The small amount of process water circulates rapidly to make the sterilization retort reach the required sterilization temperature in a short period of time. The water is sprayed from different directions and forms convection with the stream and air. The convection of water, steam and air renders perfect temperature distribution.

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