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(Electric Steam Sterilizer)

Sterilization Equipment
(Electric Steam Sterilizer)

As a kind of electric steam sterilizer, this range of sterilization equipment consists of a lower tank for producing steam and a upper tank for sterilization. Offering two kinds of heating ways, this double-purpose autoclave is an ideal choice for users who have small production volume or have no boiler.

Features of the Sterilization Equipment
1. This sterilize equipment produced by our company, a trusted sterilization retort manufacturer, is energy-saving. The working medium used in the sterilization process can be reused. In this way, our sterilization equipment helps reduce energy consumption and lower production cost.

2. Our retort sterilizer can achieve uniform water exchange and even temperature distribution. In the process of sterilization, the circulating water in our sterilization equipment keeps exchanging up and down to guarantee the heat distribution is even at any time and any position so as to completely avoid dead corners. Therefore, it may help extend the shelf life of the sterilized products.

3. The temperature inside the sterilization equipment keeps stable in every stage of the sterilization process. That makes sure the F value is up to standard.

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