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(Laboratory Sterilization Retort)

Sterilization Equipment
(Laboratory Sterilization Retort)

As a sterilization retort manufacturer, our company can provide the laboratory sterilization retort which is a piece of essential sterilization equipment for food processing enterprise, research institution and university to develop new products or do research on sterilization technology. The entire sterilization equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel and manufactured by advanced welding technology. With the advantages of reasonable structure, fine sealing performance and easy cooperation, this pilot sterilizer is able to retain the color, taste, smell and form of foods to the largest degree.

This selection of sterilization equipment is a popular style of lab equipment for food sterilization in food and beverage production industry. Also, it can be used for a wide range of other applications such as high temperature sterilization of medical preparations. If you need food sterilization equipment or medical sterilization equipment for use in laboratories, please don't hesitate to contact us.
This sterilizing equipment is suitable for sterilizing all kinds of materials packaged in three-piece can, pop-top can, plastic box, plastic bag, glass bottle, etc.

1. Our sterilization equipment adopts traditional electric heating technology which is mature and stable.

2. This laboratory sterilizer uses high-flow circulating hot water for heating. Therefore, it can achieve uniform heat distribution and efficient heat transfer.

3. The cooling water and sterilization water of this sterilization equipment are designed to work separately. In the process of can cooling, the cooling water contacting the can has been sterilized, thus it will not cause secondary contamination to the can. At the same time, the cooling water will not be dirtied by the grease on the can surface. The water is able to be reused after cooled by FRP cooling tower to help save water resource.

4. Four castors are installed to our electric heating water immersion retort to facilitate equipment movement.

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