Trustworthy Sterilization Equipment,
Jacketed Kettle and Food Processing
Manufacturer in China

ANTAI is a reputed food sterilization equipment manufacturer and supplier specialized in producing electric steam sterilizer, water spray retort, water immersion retort, etc. for food and medical sterilization purposes. Laboratory sterilization retort for research and development purposes are available as well. In addition to sterilizing equipment, we also supply electric jacketed kettle, steam jacketed kettle, food washing machine and other food processing equipment. Our sterilization equipment and cooking kettles sell well all around China and are exported to more than 20 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia. ANTAI is also able to provide OEM and customization service to design and manufacture the complete set of food sterilization equipment according to customer’s requirements. For our old customers, we also provide old equipment upgrading service.

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  • Customers preferring this service mode need to offer us the design requirements on packaging material, size and the heating way (steam, liquefied gas, natural gas, electricity) of the sterilization retorts or jacketed kettles you want. For the product logo, you can design it by yourself and offer the design scheme to us for sample making.

Zhucheng Antai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Antai Insudtrial Park, Intersection of Industry Avenue and Xinghua East Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China.